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    I need a date

    I need a date Dating is not easy. And I’m referring to the type of dating that involves demarcating days....

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    Take a ride on Regis.edu

    Jan. 14, 2013, was a day to remember in Regis University history. After years of planning, dedication and hard work, the...

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    Do industry awards really matter?

    Do industry awards really matter? A recent poll conducted through Advertising Age shows that people are split 50-50 regarding whether or...

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    A brand that gets blogging right: Sharpie

    If you’ve ever been in a meeting or brainstorm with me you know I have special place in my heart...

4 Ways to Stay Inspired at Work


It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane tasks at the office. Leave the monotony at the door and stay inspired at work with these four tips. Find purpose. Almost every task has a purpose behind it, even if we may not always agree with it. Discovering why a process is the way it

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I need a date


I need a date Dating is not easy. And I’m referring to the type of dating that involves demarcating days. AP style is very specific about dates. Here are a few tips to help get you through the drama: When using a specific date, abbreviate the month that has more than five letters with the

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Rally the troops | Four tips for improving internal communications


Today, businesses are realizing that content strategies are imperative to building brand awareness and cultivating true believers. While engaging customers with original content is important, it becomes a lot easier when every employee in your organization can help tell that narrative. Internal communications should become an element of every business’ strategy. Here are four things

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Why a communication plan is important


Businesses big and small rely on communication plans for several reasons, but foremost is to keep the business’ message on track and on brand. In addition, the communication plan can help yield the following benefits: Managed expectations: When a communication plan is approved and put into place it can eliminate the element of surprise and

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