4 Ways to Stay Inspired at Work


It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane tasks at the office. Leave the monotony at the door and stay inspired at work with these four tips.

  1. Find purpose. Almost every task has a purpose behind it, even if we may not always agree with it. Discovering why a process is the way it is can bring purpose into your own piece of the puzzle. It allows you to focus on your assignment and understand what impact you have on the bigger picture. If it turns out you can’t find a purpose in the task, cut it out of the process and streamline your work.
  2. Share ideas. Every week our team meets for 30 minutes to share inspiring work that we’ve found on the web, in the streets, or at our homes. The meeting allows us to see how others have broken the barriers of unimaginative solutions and achieved greatness. Bouncing ideas off colleagues allows for a fresh perspective and potentially a new solution. It reminds team members that anything is possible with a creative mind.
  3. Look at outside industries. Many companies overlook the lessons learned and tactics used in other industries. These lessons can provide solutions for the challenges being faced in-house. Start by searching the top brands and educate yourself on how successful companies overcame similar hurdles. If you find something you like, call the company and speak with their team to find more details about how they implemented their solution. You may be surprised at the help they’ll provide.
  4. Leave the desk. It’s easy to get stuck in your chair and never leave, even during the lunch hour. Go for a walk, meet others in your company, and take a 10 minute break to help clear your mind. You’ll have better focus once you return and can knock out some of the less exciting items on your to-do list. Fresh air and fresh eyes can make all the difference.

Find joy in the simple tasks and fall in love with your work again.



Written by: Lucas Neiderer, Web Content Specialist 

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