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One Regis

Phase one of the One Regis Brand Project has concluded and some key findings arose from internal stakeholder interviews. Take a look at what we discovered and let us know your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree?

  1. Regis is one University — but internal stakeholders tend to focus on their specific college or department. In order to become “One Regis,” this predisposition needs to be transformed. Take this challenge: Ask a current student where he or she attends school. We did, and their answer was “Regis University” — not Regis College, the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions or the College for Professional Studies.
  2. Regis University has entered an era of potential change. Good things are happening here at Regis — from innovative academic programs and award-winning faculty to new presidential leadership and campus enhancements. It is imperative that we capitalize on these achievements. Now is the time to reinvigorate and unite the University!
  3. Regis is full of great stories. Let’s spread the word about the many mission-driven faculty, staff and students who have walked through the doors of our incredible institution.

As you can see, there are many opportunities within reach of Regis University right now. University Brand Marketing will help lead the charge, but we can’t do it alone. Please join the movement to help Regis become one.


Written by Brandi Wildfang Simmons - Associate Director, Brand Marketing

4 comments on “Brand project | phase 1 completed

  1. I am proud to be a Regis MA in Counseling Graduate, as well as a graduate with my BS in Business Administration. I completed both of them on-campus.

    I have had two occasions when going on interviews and I have been asked, “Regis… is that an online school?”

    While I recognize that Regis does have some online programs, it is my belief that being regarded primarily as an online school cheapens my degree and puts us on par with universities that I regard as very average (University of Phoenix, DeVry, Ashford, etc.).

    Regis needs to be VERY clear in its branding what sets it apart. Emphasize its Jesuit nature, emphasize its Denver Lowell campus, emphasize its connection with the Jesuit High School if possible — but please, do not cheapen my degree through advertising that implies it is a primarily online school.

  2. Jeremy, thanks for your feedback. University Brand Marketing couldn’t agree more that it is time for Regis University to have a distinctive and consistent brand identity. We are in the process of conducting a brand study – the One Regis Brand Project – and will be developing a clear strategy for how we plan to present Regis University to the world. Your feedback is deeply appreciated and we look forward to your continued support and pride in Regis University. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for sharing the video re the One Regis Brand Process. It appears to be a thoughtful process and is needed.
    I have part of Regis since 1981 and have taught in several programs. There are differing perceptions and loyalties because the experiences are different; for both students and affiliate faculty. I hope that you are getting the data re these differences…ex. why students in RHSHCP have a loyalty to their particular program. (One of the departments in which I teach.)
    A technical issue as someone who teaches and facilitates strategic planning processes; the opportunities and threats as presented tend to be responses and/or strategic responses to opportunities and threats and not the actual external forces/issues. The SWOT analysis is also not complete as the competitive analysis is yet to be accomplished and will comprise part of the threats.
    While I don’t have any issues at this point with the suggested strategic responses, this “jump to solutions” can preclude broader and/or more creative responses.
    There are also different strategic planning processes and/or environmental scans within the University that are inconsistent and/or at variance with each other.
    Thank you again for the opportunity to comment. There are many of us who care about Regis and are concerned regarding its declining reputation.

    • June, I appreciate your thoughts and affinity for Regis University! The Phase 1 SWOT analysis is based solely on internal stakeholder interviews conducted this summer (with representatives from all three colleges), as well as former research we acquired from University departments. We look forward to external stakeholder interviews and competitive research in Phase 2, which will allow us to form a SWOT analysis from the collection of both internal and external feedback and the competitive landscape. This is where we hope to find the nuggets from which to build our brand!

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