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University Research and Scholarship Council (URSC)

The mission of the Regis University Research and Scholarship Council (URSC) is to promote and support scholarly, research, creative and interdisciplinary projects within Regis University. To accomplish this, URSC aims to help support faculty and student projects that will contribute to the body of human knowledge and enrich the educational experience. In line with this aim, URSC considers the grant-writing process itself to be a learning opportunity for the applicant, particularly with respect to describing proposed projects for a multidisciplinary audience. All proposals must be original work based in research or scholarship that has the potential to contribute to the field or discipline. The Council supports a wide-range of activities and recognizes that research and scholarship vary among fields and disciplines.

URSC activities are currently funded by Regis University through the Office of the Provost. Administration of funding occurs through the Center for Scholarship and Research Engagement (CSRE). All research is subject to appropriate approvals from pertinent Federal, State, Local, and University groups and may require this approval at the discretion of the URSC.

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Regis College

Meghan Cohen (Chair)

Regis College

Robin Hextrum

Regis College

Lynetta Mier

Anderson College of Business and Computing

Jeffrey Hemmes

Anderson College of Business and Computing

Robert Mason

Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions

Melissa Hofmann

Dayton Memorial Library

Dawn Combe