Collaborative learning in the health sciences

Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions

RHCHP offers many opportunities for faculty and students to engage in research, training across fields, and interprofessional education involving pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, counseling and family therapy, and health services education. Our faculty are encouraged to reach out and partner with clinicians at HealthONE facilities to conduct collaborative research. Faculty and students engage through partnerships such as the Regis/Creighton OTD pathway, advanced degrees and certificate programs (15 in Nursing alone), dual degree tracks with other universities (Xavier-Louisiana PharmD/Regis MS-HSA) and across Regis (PharmD/MS-HSA and Health Informatics), in addition to post-doctoral work (Residency and Fellowship in PT).

Our mission drives us to immerse our faculty and students in service to the community through the RegisCARES Physical Therapy Clinic, Service Learning (9Health Fair, Haven of Hope), local and international immersion through Global Health Pathways, and no-cost/low-cost counseling services. By reaching out to rural and other underserved communities with nursing, and counseling for veterans and communities hit hardest by the pandemic, we position Regis prominently in a variety of socio-economic groups. Our students experience pre-clinical and clinical training in our Simulation Lab, Skills Labs, Center for Counseling and Family Therapy, and pharmacy research labs, physical and occupational therapy labs, and the health and exercise science lab.

Our staff support all these activities and directly volunteer their time through Regis's program of Mission Leave to Rocky Mountain Food Bank, Arrupe Jesuit High School, Clear Creek Trail cleanups, Community Gardens and more.


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