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Copy, Print and Mail Center

The Copy, Print and Mail Center is a full-service copying, printing and shipping center for Regis students, staff, faculty and the larger community. We also maintain and support printers and copiers university-wide. We are located in Regis Square, on the north side of lot 6, next to the University Bookstore.

On-Campus Printing:

Print jobs, once submitted, are sent to the devices around campus and released with your Regis ID. You can pick up your print job at any device. Most devices can handle any prints up to 11x17 double sided, and up to 500 pages.

Print rates are $0.05 for black and white prints, and $0.10 for color prints.

The mail center is limited to the same printing capabilities as the devices throughout campus. Jobs can be sent to the mail center but print costs will be higher. Prints at the mail center are $0.10 for black and white prints, and $0.20 for color prints.

Custom Print Jobs:

Departments and students can submit print jobs to and they will forward details to Marathon Document Solutions for a quote. Departments and students can send jobs to any print service provider in the Denver area. Better pricing may be available from other print shops in town.

Contact Information

Mail Services for Students Living On Campus

If you live in the Boryla Apartments:
You will pick up your mail in the lobby of the Boryla Apartments building. If you receive an oversized package, you will be notified that you will need to pick it up at the Copy, Print and Mail Center.

If you live in the Residence Halls:
You will pick up your mail at the Copy, Print and Mail Center. If you receive a package, you will receive an email notification with a unique PIN that, combined with your Regis ID number, will allow you to retrieve your package from a digital locker inside the Center.

Mail FAQs

Full Name
3333 Regis Blvd.
(Student Mail Box Number)
Denver, CO 80221

Ms. Regi Fox
3333 Regis Blvd.
SMB #10
Denver, CO 80221

Faculty/ Staff:
Full Name
3333 Regis Blvd
(Mail Stop)
Denver, CO 80221

Email and include your full tracking number and a screenshot of the delivery confirmation.

Mail on campus is delivered as it is received, sometimes runs can be once to twice a day.

Come over to The Print and Mail Center, we can assist with your mailing supply needs.

Email us at and we'll send them to you.

Please do not send personal packages to your work address.