A Message from President Aceves

Dear Colleagues,

Our commencement ceremonies are a time of reflection, celebration, and anticipation. In many ways, commencement is a culmination and a beginning all at once – a time to look back with gratitude and forward with hope and to embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead with courage and determination to help us build communities of care.

As you may know, Regis University embarked on an initiative to reimagine the admissions and enrollment process. In a few short months, we will welcome a new group of students eager to begin their formative academic journey.With May 1, the date when admitted applicants must indicate that they are enrolling at their school of choice, behind us, I asked Dr. Senthil Kumar, Vice President of Strategic Enrollment, to reflect on the changes underway in his area and how they will help shape and guide the new group of students who will soon join us.

"Much passion and a flurry of activities are what you will find if you visit the newly restructured departments within the Office of Strategic Enrollment Management. From our Student Ambassadors through our Center for Enrollment Engagement, Admissions, and Financial Aid teams, we are working hard at providing a Regis experience for prospective students that brings a personal touch and a focus on accessibility and affordability.

We have welcomed more than 650 attendees over the past two months. We have expanded our visit experience opportunities to prospective students five days a week, including multiple weekend options. This approach resonates with our prospective students and their families, as evidenced by the most significant student deposit increase since 2019. Many students who shared how they did not believe a Regis education would be possible can now imagine life at Regis.  

Our reimagining efforts have also focused on post-traditional students. Summer enrollment is at its highest level since 2017 and is expected to exceed the FY 2024 budget goal. With the development of a National Recruitment Plan, the admissions team has begun conversations and is planting the seeds of excitement for the possibility of a Regis education. We are engaging alums and business leaders to share their experiences and connect with our prospective students. These connections help students see the entire student journey unfold.

We can't wait to see the continued enrollment growth and excitement we plan to build over the next few years. As the Strategic Enrollment Management team streamlines and restructures many processes, we will anchor our efforts embracing the Regis mission and collaborate in ways never imagined. We call ourselves to excellence and endeavor to show our students that their path to leading lives of purpose and meaning is through a Regis education."

I am grateful to Senthil and the Office of Strategic Enrollment team for their human-centered work and dedication. I eagerly look forward to welcoming our newest students to the Regis family.


Salvador D. Aceves, Ed.D