Join us for Academic Excellence workshop: Leaning into Servingness

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence invites you to the annual Academic Excellence day-long workshop, Regis as a Hispanic Serving Institution: Leaning into Servingness. The event will be hosted from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 11 in St. Peter Claver, S.J., Hall. Talented and committed faculty and staff will share their passion and best practices for creating campus spaces where all of our students can reach their potential.
Join us at 10 a.m. as we learn from keynote speaker, Dr. Derek Lopez, Associate Vice President of Operations at Colorado State University Pueblo. 

We will serve breakfast and lunch. You’ll be able to meet colleagues from around the campus. Mission leave can be used for this day-long workshop. Can't make it to the sessions in person? Join via the livestream link on Friday.

Continental Breakfast: 8:30-9 a.m.

Gather and Welcome from President Salvador Aceves and Provost Jake Bucher, Today's Purpose: 9-9:30 a.m.

Campus Updates: 9:30-10 a.m.

Keynote Address: 10 a.m.

Session One: 11 a.m.

Lunch: Noon

Session Two: 1 p.m.

Session Three: 2 p.m.

Session Four: 3 p.m.


Dr. Derek Lopez: Session One – Mountain View Room
Project Management of Department of Education, Hispanic Serving Institution, Title V Grants

Jonnia Torres-Carolan and Heidi Blair: Session One – Claver 306
Inclusive Learning Environments - Online and On-ground
What do inclusive environments look and sound like? What are inclusive learning materials? Join us as we explore these and other aspects of inclusive teaching.

Phyllis Graham-Dickerson: Session One and Three – Claver 307
Why Health Equity?
Discuss health equity and health equality. What is the difference? How do social determinants affect health?

Betsy Gonzalez-Blohm: Session Two – Claver 315
Co-Creating Classroom Norms as the First Pillar of Cultural Responsiveness

This workshop will teach a culturally responsive protocol to co-create classroom norms with students which is the foundation of cultivating an inclusive classroom. Co-creating norms or agreements allows you to get to know your students, how they learn best and what gets in the way of their learning. It also allows the entire class to engage in cross-cultural dialogue that fosters community. This process is vital in creating an anti-racist and anti-bias learning environment in which everyone has a map for how to address microaggressions and misunderstandings when they arise. The co-creation of agreements and explicit commitment to equity lets students know that the entirety of their identities will be honored in the classroom and that repair is possible when misunderstandings or bias occurs. This one practice at the start of the year can be transformational for all involved.

Bobbi Miller: Session Two and Four – Claver 306
The Work of Antiracism on a Personal Level

Bobbi will examine the personal components of antiracism, paying particular attention to the impact in our relationships, as well as our own responsibility in this work. The workshop aims to invite people into their personal work of antiracism.
Kyle Turner, Adi Espinoza, Beth Brin, Jon Michael: Session Two – Claver 307   
¡Haciendo Lío!: A University Ministry and ODEIE Debrief of the ¡El Futuro is Here! Conference from Dominican University 
Join the University Ministry and ODEIE Team as they share some of the things they learned from the “¡El Futuro is Here!” Conference at Dominican University. They will talk about the importance of community, faith, and ministry work for Latine students as Regis continues the work towards the servingness of our HSI designation.      

Becky Vartabedian: Session Three – Claver 315 and Four – Claver 307
Service and Servingness: Integrating Mission and HSI Commitments
This workshop will invite participants to reflect on ideas of service in a Jesuit institutional context and the way these ideas operate in their day-to-day work; it introduces notions of servingness from work by Gina A. Garcia, and invites participants to consider the ways their present work engages outcomes associated with this key idea for HSI success. The workshop concludes with small-group discussions about ways to integrate missional commitments toward HSI success.

Jeanine Coleman: Session Three – Claver 306
Creating Inclusive Environments for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
The GLOBAL Inclusive Program serves students with intellectual disabilities. The program provides intensive individualized support in academic, social, emotional, and vocational areas so that they can thrive while pursuing independence. In this workshop, we will discuss the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive characteristics of individuals with intellectual disabilities; inclusive language; Universal Design for Learning and the impact of learning in a college classroom; and specific strategies inside and outside the classroom.

Dr. Ramon Walker: Session Four – Claver 315
Advising for Diverse Populations
This workshop will be student-centered and focus on creating inclusive spaces related to advising a diverse student population. Not all students learn the same way. We know from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different from our own. How do we create an inclusive community to help students of color and first-generation students feel they belong at our institution?

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Derek Lopez

derek-lopez-226x300.jpgDr. Derek Lopez has dedicated his career to improving the capacity of Hispanic Serving Institutions. He currently serves as the Associate Vice President of Operations and Advancement at Colorado State University Pueblo. Dr. Lopez has been the Project Director for 10 Federal HSI/MSI multi-million-dollar grants, served as the Associate Vice President of Praxis for the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE), and has trained national audiences on the application and implementation processes for HSI grants. Dr. Lopez has served as an external evaluator for numerous Title V and Title III Part F grants with HSIs across the country. He has numerous peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science, and the Hispanic Outlook on Education.

Dr. Derek Lopez will discuss the status of Hispanic Serving Institutions in the nation as well as the opportunities and challenges HSIs face through the implementation of federal grants.