Publicity Opportunities For Your Program/Event

Marcom wants to hear about the news in your department including faculty or staff accomplishments, new programs and events that are taking place. We also invite you to share any wonderful student news to us.

Some of the news sent to us can be promoted across various channels including:

  • The Regist
  • Regis Life (News section of the website)
  • RUTV
  • Regis University Magazine

Anything that involves the campus and Berkeley community can also be promoted in the monthly Front Door Newsletter. You sign up and check out archives of the past newsletters here:

In some cases, the news is strong enough to be promoted externally in the media. Faculty and staff are welcome to talk to reporters about topics within their area of expertise. However, when faculty or staff members are asked to comment on an institutional question or an issue that relates to the entire institution, the reporter should always be referred to the Marcom:

How Do I Know if My Story Idea Is Newsworthy?

Should you have a news tip or idea for a story, start by contacting the marketing liaison at your college/school/department first. If you would like to contact our department directly, you can email or Even if the item is not deemed newsworthy for external media, Marcom Editorial may include it on Regis Life or on

Generally, journalists rely on the following factors to determine whether a story idea is newsworthy:

  • Conflict/Controversy – Are there opposing viewpoints?
  • Human Interest – Does the story share something about the human experience? Does it put a human face on a concept, idea, or current event?
  • Impact – How does the story affect readers/listeners/viewers?
  • Prominence – Does the story include a well-known person, organization, or place?
  • Proximity – Is the story local? Can readers/listeners/viewers relate to it?
  • Timeliness – Is the story relevant today?
  • Unusual – Does the story relay an out-of-the-ordinary experience? Is this the first, last or biggest?

*Please remember that Marcom’s editorial team cannot guarantee media coverage. The publication or airing of a story depends on a variety of factors, including the number of staff available at a media organization to work on a story, space in a publication or airtime, the emergence of breaking news or a similar story that has been reported recently.

You can see the latest news coverage on Regis: