A Message from Board of Trustees Chair Derek Scarth

Dear Regis Community, 

Before I offer a few words in reflection, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the faculty and staff. As a board member, I appreciate the operational efficiency and professionalism you each bring to our university on a regular basis. For me, your dedication is far more personal. My Regis experience as an undergraduate was cultivated by people like you. As an eighteen-year-old on this campus, my greatest mentors, formational advisors and friends, were the professors, administrative staff and student-life leaders. I am forever grateful to you for being amazing caretakers of what many others, myself included, call home. 

There is no doubt that you have all carried a heavy load over the last few years. Turmoil is an understatement as we have migrated through a cyber-attack, the unprecedented pandemic, macro challenges and a prolonged leadership transition. The stress and exhaustion each of you endured over the last few years is recognized. I feel, and I hope you do too, that there is a dawning of optimism across our community.  

As we approach a time of celebration with the upcoming inauguration, know I could not be more excited. As Board Chair, my conviction in our new President is rooted in Dr. Aceves’ aptitude in academic affairs and operational expertise. As a Regis believer, I know in my core that Dr. Aceves exemplifies everything I hold dear about the personal characteristics required to lead. Because of his amazing blend of competence and lived Jesuit values, the Board is as inspired and committed to you as ever.   

With that backdrop, understand that despite how it may feel at times, we are on good footing. The positive enrollment trends this past fall are a direct reflection on the foundational work you all are part of to create a reason to choose Regis University. We are a school of choice, from our designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution to the continued excellence in our military student and family resources, and our GLOBAL Inclusive College Certificate Program, and our world-wide respected programs at Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, Anderson College of Business and Computing, Regis College and the list goes on. RegisIS living our mission with real impact. Thank you for constantly holding Regis accountable to serving those in need and a desire towards “the more.”   

Lastly, I assure you that there is not only present stability with senior leadership but strength through our governance responsibilities at the board level. Our focus now shifts to leveraging expertise and resources in support of the strategic plan. There are too many positive attributes to our unique value proposition when it comes to a Jesuit Catholic values-based education, located in a desirable economic and geographic location. I genuinely believe there is no better place for a transformational experience.  It is time to promote all the things you know to be great about our university and work diligently to be additive in helping us change those things that are holding us back. Dr. Aceves and I both welcome an opportunity to speak with any of you about our collective hopes and dreams for Regis through an honest lens. I always remain in gratitude for all things Regis, which will forever include each of you. 

Derek Scarth

Chair, Board of Trustees