A Message from President Aceves

Dear Colleagues, 

This week, we celebrate and honor our veterans and their sacrifices in service to our country. Regis University is blessed to have our Milvets on campus. This group helps veterans pursue their higher education goals. I asked Fletcher Brown, director of our military and veterans services, to reflect on this important day in our nation.

"In honor of Veterans Day, on November 11th, the Military and Veteran Services office has dedicated November 6 - 10 to Regis University veterans. This week, we will honor and thank all military personnel who served the U.S. with a special appreciation for the Regis veterans among our staff, faculty, student body, and alumni.

The history of Veterans Day dates back to World War I, when it was initially known as Armistice Day. It is a day of peace and reflection on the sacrifices made by those who fought in World War I. November 11th marks the conclusion of the "war to end all wars," but sadly, wars, conflicts, and sacrifice continued. In 1954, President Eisenhower would shift Armistice Day to Veterans Day to also honor the veterans of World War II and the Korean War.

New memorials have been erected, and new traditions have been honored over the years, including here on our campus. Regis University is incredibly honored by the amazing contributions and great value and diversity veterans bring to the campus, and we will continue to honor our veterans' sacrifice, commitment, and valor through a series of events this Veterans Week. Please take some time to join one of these events and thank a veteran.

While we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we must continue to honor those who have returned. Military service impacts everyone differently; some come back with physical, mental, and invisible wounds; some come back and continue to serve their country and communities in new ways; many come home and focus on building a new life for themselves and their families. No matter what they are doing today, they are forever impacted, for better or worse, by the decision to serve our nation. I hope that each of you takes a moment to reflect on the impact that military service has had on the veterans who have served and the many ways in which it has transformed our nation."

I am grateful to Fletcher and our esteemed veterans for the unwavering dedication they exhibit, not only to our nation, but also as valued members of the Regis community. Our profound commitment to mutual care and respect extends to the countless individuals who have selflessly served our great nation. We honor you and deeply appreciate you choosing Regis as your home. 



Salvador D. Aceves, Ed.D