Research, Publications and Creative Works

Nordman, J., & Adcock, J. (2023). Addressing Low Frustration Tolerance in Students with Learning Disabilities. Intervention in School and Clinic, 58(4). 

WAESO – Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities (Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona) has awarded Regis University undergraduate students ten $1000 stipends for individual research projects for the 2023 spring semester.  

“Exploring the Stereospecificity of the Bromination of Substituted Styrene Derivatives” 

“Exploring the Stereospecificity of the Epoxidation-Hydrolysis of Styrene Derivatives” 

“Synthesis of biologically relevant Cr (III) complexes” 

“Biological impairment of cytochrome c:  reduction of Aryldiazonium Salts” 

“pH dependence in the oxidation of malonic acid by permanganate: role of manganese intermediates” 

Partridge, Kate. “‘The Right Place for Us’: Voice and Authority in Muriel Rukeyser’s All the Way Home.” Modern Language Association Conference, 7 January 2023, San Francisco, CA. Conference paper. 

Tristen K. Amador, Ph.D., MSW and Emily Clemens, PharmD, BCACP had an article in the Denver Post Your Hub on December 28, 2022, entitled Fighting the holiday blues: The gift of micro-connection.  

Wright, Trudi A.,Renihan, Colleen, Spilker, John. Sound Pedagogy: Radical Care in Music (University of Illinois Press), co-edited with Drs. Colleen Renihan and John Spilker, awarded an American Musicological Society Publication Subvention Grant. In the words of our editor, “This is a very competitive subvention program, and we are very proud that the book was selected for support. This money will help offset direct costs of paper, printing, and binding, and will also help bring the book to the attention of the AMS membership.” 

Trudi Wright was appointed the co-editor of the journal Open Access Musicology. This is an excellent journal with an eye toward undergraduate music classroom use. All authors write their pieces at a high scholarly level but with approachable language for undergraduates engaging in musicology, each article is double-blind reviewed, and uniquely reviewed by a class of undergraduate students. Her music history students will be reviewing a current submission on the mystique of Stradivarius instruments this semester. It is a wonderful way to introduce them to musicological scholarship and the scholarly writing process. Trudi is honored to be working with Dr. Daniel Barolsky of Beloit College and knows she will learn so much through this opportunity. 

Nunnery, M., Scorsone, K., Gordon, A. & Frank, J.W. (2022). A Qualitative Evaluation of Stigma around Treating Opioid Use Disorder in VA Primary Care: Identification of Facilitators & Barriers.  Academy Health and the National Institutes of Health 15th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health.  Washington DC. 

Veeraputhiran, M., Garnat, J., Mimali, M., & Matthews, E. (2023).  Sleep-wake disturbance following allogeneic hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation: Trajectory and Correlates.  International Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy, 4(4), 2-8.  

Wang, S., & Matthews, E. (2023).  Benefits of the modified version of illness-wellness continuum model for nursing education.  Nursing Science Quarterly. (In press).