A Letter from Dr. Karen Riley

Good morning Regis,

I hope you are all doing well. This edition of the Provost’s Digest will focus primarily on research, scholarship and creative arts. As I mentioned in a previous edition of the Digest, we had a research retreat in December in order to gain clarity on the current culture regarding research, scholarship and creative works and to identify both the barriers and possible solutions for moving forward. In this Digest issue you will find a summary of this retreat, information about the steps we have begun taking to address the identified barriers, and follow-up information on some of the gaps that were identified.

Here are a few highlights; more details can be found within the Research, Scholarship and Creative Works Updates section of this week’s Digest:

  • Need for stats support. Although I would love to have centralized resources we have some generous colleagues at Regis and in the community who are willing to work with us. I have reached out to the DU Research Methods and Statistics Program within the Morgridge College of Education. They are willing to provide support and collaboration on grants and on research projects. Our Data Science colleagues in Anderson have also offered to help with research projects and grant proposals.
  • Need for pre/post award support. We have a position approved in the Provost’s Office. This is a budget manager position and will also include pre/post award. The position has been posted and we hope to hire someone very soon.
  • Increased awareness of UG research. We are investing in the URISE program that is currently being led by Dr. Ashley Fricks-Gleason.
  • Increased awareness of how to promote faculty research. Kimberly Kemp has written up a brief summary of how faculty can use the Expert Gallery to promote their research, scholarship and creative works.
  • Increased awareness of IRB and URSC. Alan Stark has provided a summary about IRB and Dr. Meghan Cohen has provided a summary of URSC.
  • Need IDC Rate Policy. There was a lack of understanding and a lack of a clear policy regarding IDC and flowback amounts to the units. We have the information on how that is currently operationalized and Alan Stark is putting it into a formalized policy that will be published on the website.
  • Direction for the next Director of Research and Scholarship. The search committee is scheduled to meet in the next couple of weeks and we will revise the job description based on our discussion and will then post the position. We will do our best to get this position filled before the end of the academic year.
  • Awareness for Administrators. I shared the summary with the deans and other academic administrators. I have also shared it with President Aceves. I hope that this will bring some cohesion to the overall approach to breaking down the barriers that were listed.

Thank you all for your work.