Message to the Campus Community - Oct. 13

Dear Regis Community:

The deaths of two students, Ivan Rojas Gallegos and Kai Mitchell, caused profound heartbreak for their families and for our university community. We continue to grieve with their families, with our students who lost dear friends, and with our faculty who feel the loss of such promising students. Ivan died in Thailand from suicide, as was announced earlier. We have just learned that Kai died from natural causes. We continue to hold these members of our Regis family in our hearts and our prayers.

Following up on my letter dated October 5, I want to announce several new initiatives already underway to enhance safety on campus, and remind you of the resources available to help and support our faculty, staff, and students through this challenging period. I also want to update you on the ongoing Denver Police investigation into the shooting that occurred on our campus on October 1.

Denver Police continue their investigation into the shootings of two students from neighboring universities. The police have released no further information regarding the motive for or suspects in this crime. However, we have learned that both victims have been discharged from the hospital and are now at home recovering.

Senior Leadership and I continue to focus on immediate strategies to keep our campus as safe as possible. Among a range of initiatives being explored, we can announce that we are (1) expanding the number of surveillance cameras on campus (we currently have over 100 cameras in operation); (2) extending front desk staffing in our residence halls until midnight every night; (3) locking Main Hall and Clarke Hall at 5 PM on weekends; (4) initiating a “No propping doors” campaign; and (5) initiating a campus watch program. Finally, the newly established Campus Safety Advisory Council held their first meeting this week. They have begun a comprehensive review of our current safety protocols and they are evaluating a wide range of recommendations that have been proposed to date. The Campus Safety Advisory Council welcomes your ideas and suggestions. Please email them at

Finally, please be aware of the many resources available to help and support faculty, staff, and students during this time. They can be found by following this link:

These are difficult times on our campus, in our city, and in our world. We have had to face the reality of pervasive violence and real tragedy up close, and this has caused many of us to experience sadness, fear, frustration, and anxiety. I understand your pain, and I continue to journey with you in this difficult time. I am grateful for our many colleagues who are working collaboratively and comprehensively to enact the measures needed to provide the safest environment possible for all of us at Regis. Let us continue to care for and support one another.

Salvador D. Aceves, Ed.D.