Message to our Campus Community Oct. 5 

Dear Regis Community:

We have come through a difficult time, as we noted yesterday in the vigil we held in the St. John Francis Regis Chapel. Incidents that affect our sense of safety on campus are part of that difficulty. One way that the Senior Leadership Team plans to do our part in offering continued support to our community is by preparing regular updates that will (1) list the resources available to help and support you through this challenging period; (2) share Denver police updates on the two recent incidents on campus as they become available; (3) and share in-progress initiatives to enhance campus safety.

Community members may access updates from our Senior Leadership Team here.

Our work is grounded in our mission to build a more just and humane world

Our vigil reminded us that grief is a part of being human. We remember Ms. Judith Corcoran, an 83-year-old woman stabbed at the bus stop near campus. We remember the two students from neighboring universities who were shot in one of our campus parking lots. We remember Ivan Rojas Gallegos, who died by suicide while on a study abroad program in Thailand. We remember Kai Mitchell, who appears to have died in their sleep. These four events are heartbreaking, distinct, and yet connected through a brief timeline.

The first two incidents, in particular, raise questions regarding what we can do to make our campus as safe as possible. Fortunately, in the case of Ms. Judith Corcoran, thanks to the quick and thoughtful work of our campus safety officers and our camera system, we were able to provide Denver police with the images and travel direction of the attacker. This helped Denver police arrest the perpetrator shortly after the incident. In the case of the two students from neighboring universities injured on campus, Denver police continues their investigation with no new updates.

As I shared in an earlier message, I understand your frustration and sadness that the persistence of violence in our country forces us to face the fear and anxiousness of this unfortunate reality. I am pleased to share that Denver police have increased campus patrols. Plans initiated to install additional surveillance cameras before these recent events continue on schedule.

As we focus on immediate and long-term safety strategies, in consultation with our campus safety officers, the newly established campus safety advisory council, which includes student representation, will review current safety efforts, explore new options, and make recommendations on how we can best respond to safety incidents. As part of its overall work, this council will carefully review recent incidents and suggestions received from parents and University community members.

This link will take you to a website where you will find a roster of available resources to help and support faculty, staff, and students through this challenging period. Please know that you have the Senior Leaders and my commitment to take the measures needed to provide the safest environment possible for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Salvador D. Aceves, Ed.D

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