A Message from President Aceves

Dear Colleagues, 

I'm thrilled to shine a spotlight on our extraordinary students. I asked them to reflect on their Regis experience and its impact on their lives and to comment on their transformative journey. Here is what they shared. 

Brittany Thaw (Master in Marriage and Family Therapy Program) 

“Regis University's holistic approach to education greatly enriched my journey as a Marriage and Family Therapy student. The emphasis on service and excellence fueled my passion for coursework and clinical practice, fostering a deep sense of purpose and dedication to helping others. Through the guidance of practicum instructors like Dr. Jennifer Cates and Melita Quance, I not only honed my clinical skills but also gained invaluable insights into embracing curiosity and uniqueness in my practice. Their mentorship instilled in me a strong sense of self-confidence and reinforced the importance of authenticity in therapeutic work.” 

Justice Jones (Bachelor of Science and Arts) 

“Regis mission has enhanced my experience as a student because of the love that this campus brings to its students. Working with BSA has been a great way to help enrich this experience for me and I'm sure for other students of color as well. My favorite professor was probably Professor Fredrickson that taught my philosophy class my freshman year, he taught me to have a greater perspective on the world rather than only looking at it from my views and biases.” 

Sayuri Toribio (Bachelor of Business Administration) 

The Regis mission is essential in my experience as a student because it has made me ask the question of how I choose to show up spaces, teaching me how to be a servant leader to the community and in my own life. For me, servant leadership derives from the Jesuit values of Cura Personalis; to care for the entire person, and my experience being part of the marginalized. We all have an option to choose how we live our lives and Regis University gives us the skills and promotes curiosity in learning for us to ultimately make our own decisions.  

Sharon Bramante, University Minister, has been so helpful in both my spiritual and service journey at Regis. Sharon has guided me through Ignatian Advocacy days in DC, Kairo's Retreat talks and Service-Learning trip to Los Angeles. Being given the opportunities to do service has been essential to the growth of the person that I want to become and continue being so. 

Giulia Aimale (Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience with a Certificate in Undergraduate Research) 

“Regis’ commitment to developing the whole person has enhanced my experience as a student. By taking classes outside of my degree program, I have been able to explore my other interests and learn about subjects that are socially relevant to our ever changing and confusing world. My religion courses have given me the opportunity to integrate my science classes with my Catholic beliefs, and my Regis College Core (RCC) classes have taught me how to apply textbook information to real-world situations, such as the ethics of gene editing and the concerns we should have with the internet. Regis has provided me with important and relevant information about our world, while simultaneously teaching me how to solve conflicts with a kind, inclusive, and evidence-based solution in mind. 

One of my favorite qualities of Regis is the professors! It would be too challenging to choose only one, because all my professors have been welcoming, supportive, and willing to help me further my learning outside of the classroom. Dr. Tyler Imfeld in the biology department answers all my birdwatching questions, even during the summer! Dr. Ashley Fricks-Gleason and Dr. Amanda Miller in the Psychology and Neuroscience Department have helped me discover job opportunities for post-Regis and are both always willing to listen to any concerns I have about the future. Dr. Raul Dominguez in the music department has a smile on every time I see him, and it always brightens my day! I am so grateful for all of marvelous professors!”

Angel Shatto (Master of Science in Nursing) 

“As an older student returning to school, Regis University stood out to me for its strong academics, values, and mission statement. The Jesuit values emphasized during my graduate nursing program have enriched my understanding of patient care, inspiring me to prioritize optimal outcomes and healthcare equity as I pursue my master's degree to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Among my professors, Dr. Carol Wallman stood out as a consistent source of inspiration, embodying qualities of compassion, mentorship, and empowerment, which have shaped my vision of the Nurse Practitioner I aspire to be. Overall, my experience at Regis has been transformative, instilling in me a commitment to excellence, compassion, and lifelong learning.” 

Mary Margaret Bush (BSc. Healthcare Administration with a minor in Human Resources Management, Certificate in Healthcare Informatics, Master of Health Services Administration) 

“In my experience, many universities make promises of transformative education but fail to deliver. At Regis University, however, the commitment to "Care for the Whole Person" is tangible in the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual support provided to students. Melissa Bosworth, a dedicated leader at Regis, has been instrumental in my personal and academic growth, embodying Jesuit values and providing invaluable mentorship that extends beyond the classroom. Her belief in my potential has empowered me to pursue leadership opportunities and make a meaningful impact in healthcare.” 

Ashlynn Balliet (Bachelor of Science Health and Exercise Science) 

“Regis’s mission to build a just and humane world has made a huge impact on my education as it has taught me how to show compassion for all people and change my community for the better. Jesuit values such as cura personalis has sparked my passion for caring for the entire person regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or background.”  

Juan Gonzalez (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) 

I believe that the intrinsic Jesuit values of Regis enhanced my experience as a student because of the focus they give to our community. I specifically relate to the Magis and contemplatives in action. My interpretation of the Magis is striving for excellence. As a student, I am proud of a community of people that excel in the world by having a positive impact on others' lives. This takes me to the second value, contemplatives in action, not only staying in the realm of thought but taking action towards reality. I highly believe in both of those attributes and base my life on them. I found both values realized in the Innovation Center. The Innovation Center has completely shaped my experience as a student by enlightening me about what business means to the world and how we can have a real impact.  

Ken Sagendorf is the professor who made a difference in my experience at Regis. Ken has become my mentor and helped me grow as a human being. Throughout the Innovation Challenge, Ken has taught me the most invaluable lessons in life and business. His vision and actions on education highly resonate with me, always thinking of having a greater impact on the community and supporting people to pursue their dreams through guidance and empowerment. Moreover, his immense kindness and generosity are just an example of great character. I like Regis because it unites great people, and Ken is a perfect example. 

Seth Alexander (Dual degree - PharmD at Xavier University of Louisiana and a Master of Science-Health Services Administration at Regis) 

“My experience at Regis University has been deeply enriching, aligning perfectly with the values and mission of the institution, especially considering its Catholic background. For me, personal growth and humility surpasses any professional achievement, and Regis has provided the nurturing environment essential for my development. The community at Regis has been nothing short of amazing, fostering an atmosphere where I've not only thrived but also discovered more about myself. Being a part of this community has been an immense honor and privilege.  

I passionately believe that every individual is placed in certain circumstances for a reason, and the love and support I've received from the Regis community epitomize the compassion and kindness I strive to extend to others. God’s unconditional love and favor has been a guiding light, enabling me to inspire and positively influence those around me.  

Every interaction with Regis faculty and staff has been a blessing, but one individual stands out – Ms. Melissa Bosworth. Her positivity and unwavering support have left an indelible mark on my life. Ms. Bosworth's genuine interest in understanding my background created a space where I felt truly seen and valued, not just as a student, but as an individual with unique experiences and aspirations. I am profoundly grateful for her impact on my journey, as her example inspires me daily to approach life with humility, kindness, and a smile. Witnessing her genuine happiness for my successes, both academic and personal, underscores her commitment to her students and Regis University's mission.  

In essence, my time at Regis has been transformative, thanks in large part to individuals like Ms. Bosworth who embody the institution's ethos of care and community. I leave Regis University with a profound sense of gratitude and a commitment to carry forward the lessons learned, and the love experienced into the world beyond its gates.” 

Jayden Akers (Bachelor of Science Health and Exercise Science) 

“Throughout my time at Regis, I feel as though the Regis mission enhanced my experience 

as a student as it gave me a more well-rounded and transformative educational experience 

beyond just the informative component of education. Specifically, I found that the aspects of justice and humanity enhanced my education the most, as they took the educational experience in every class one step further and taught us about the inequalities that surround the healthcare field and how we can be part of changing these inequalities and making our world more just. I feel that my experience at Regis not only prepared me to go onto graduate school and into my career as an educated employee, but also as a leader on the frontiers of justice allowing me to feel confident in leading social change within and beyond my field.  

The professor who inspired me most in my educational journey is Dr. Erin Choice, as she consistently encouraged me to elevate my responses and aspirations to a higher level, fostering continuous growth as both a student and a person. Dr. Choice taught me that solutions to complex questions are not always singular and universally applicable, and that often one question leads to the answer of “It depends…” followed by a dozen more follow up questions. This insight has shaped my perspective as I begin to move into a career in physical therapy. I am confident that I will excel as a healthcare provider by approaching each patient with tailored care, recognizing the uniqueness of individual circumstances rather than using generalized approaches.” 

Katie Gladstone (Master of Business Administration, Specialization in Project Leadership and Management) 

I chose Regis simply on the basis that the University had a well-respected reputation for full-time adult learners. I am not Catholic, nor do I practice any religion, but find spirituality present nearly everywhere. With that said, I found the idea of the “whole person” and the question “how ought we to live” two immensely powerful directions on how to frame ideas and solutions in the business world.  

I chose to get an MBA later in my career, a bit by choice and a bit by life’s never-ending circumstances. I had reservations about what truly an MBA would do for my successful 25+ career, but as a bucket list item, I moved forward. Early in the program, I participated in the 

new student orientation where Ken Sagendorf re-directed my uncertainty with these words “an MBA is a thinking person’s degree,” which became my inspiration throughout the program. Thinking is an amazing skill, and one that grows with knowledge from education, work, and life experiences.   I have no regrets for pursuing this goal - I completed the MBA program in December. My most inspirational class and one that put your thinking (and writing) to the test was the Ethical & Legal Environment of Business course – Instructor Margaret Garcia was a true highlight.  

Madelaine Johnson (Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies) 

“The values of the Jesuit philosophy and service work have always been ingrained in my upbringing and have been natural for me. Having experienced indigence, food scarcity, and homelessness growing up, I have firsthand experience of the nature of receiving. Witnessing my mother's humility in receiving aid taught me the importance of both giving and receiving. Through the eyes of a child, I witnessed how lifting up others was not only a responsibility but a gift. Throughout my academic journey at Regis, programs like the First-Year EnRoute and the RegisCorp Leadership Program have allowed me to collaborate with my community, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and support.  

 Without the guidance of Dr. Jason Taylor, as a first-generation student, I would have been lost. Dr. Taylor's genuine outreach was a lifeline and provided me with a community. Dr. Eric Fretz was nothing less than inspiring. Dr. Fretz taught me how to become a community organizer and realize my own leadership. I have been grateful that Dr. Winterrowd helped me to develop my path and use my voice as a young woman. As well, I must recognize one specific individual, Dr. Ian Zuckerman. Dr. Zuckerman and I bonded over sharing similar pasts and he not only understood where I was going but where I came from. He has been one of my biggest advocates when I have struggled. It has been valuable to me that he taught me to develop my academic strengths and to achieve my career. My University experience could not have been whole or complete without any one of these mentors. My degree will not only represent my own academic achievements, but it will truly represent all those who have supported me.” 

I am profoundly thankful to our students for generously sharing their diverse and inspiring stories. Equally, my gratitude extends to our dedicated faculty and staff, whose commitment aligns seamlessly with our mission of accompanying our students on their educational journey. It is a blessing to witness the genuine support and care throughout our community that fosters a spirit of unity and belonging. 


Salvador D. Aceves, Ed.D