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Student Accounts

A student account is the account Regis bills and collects from based on the account activity. Charges to your account consist of tuition, housing, meal plans and fees. Credits go to your student account in the form of payments, adjustments and financial aid.



Payment Methods

Online: You can access your student account balance information and pay your tuition online by accessing the Ranger Portal. You may view your financial aid activity and your entire student account record.

In Person: You may pay your tuition in the Enrollment Services office, which is on the fourth floor of Main Hall.

By Phone: You may call in your payment to 303.458.4126 or 800.568.8932.

By Mail: You may mail your check, money order or cashier's check (with the student’s name, Student ID number and semester you are paying)


Contact Information
Clarke Hall - Suite 372
Mail Code: A-8

Payment Due Dates

On-Campus, Daytime Undergraduate Students
Spring Semester: January 1
Summer Courses: May 1
Fall Semester: August 1

Adult Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Tuition is due on the first day of your course term. 


When financial aid is disbursed into the student account, it will be applied to your tuition and fees. If you have a credit balance owed to you after tuition and fee payment, we will process a refund check within 14 days from the date funds are credited to your student account. By federal regulation, PLUS credit balances are paid to the parent unless the parent authorizes Regis University in writing to pay the balance to the student.