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Student Disability Services and University Testing

Regis is committed to building a welcoming and inclusive community that values the dignity and contributions of everyone. Student Disability Services (SDS) provides academic and housing accommodations for Regis students, supports faculty’s implementation of accommodations within the classroom and advocates for accessibility campus-wide.

New and Current Regis Students

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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Grievance Policy

Regis Faculty

As part of Regis University, members of the faculty have the responsibility to ensure their courses are accessible to all students. Student Disability Services (SDS) is here to support faculty efforts to ensure accessibility. Regis University encourages faculty to read all communications from the SDS office and comply with all requested accommodations as written. If a request for accessibility accommodations is unclear, appears to fundamentally alter the requirements of the course or appears to be unreasonable, faculty are expected to contact SDS immediately. If a student requests accommodations and a faculty or staff member has not been notified of the student’s need for accommodations by SDS, the faculty or staff should refer the student to SDS.

Access Statement

SDS recommends adding the below statement to your syllabi to inform students about their right to accommodations.

Accessibility Syllabus Statement
Regis is committed to creating a learning environment that is equitable, inclusive and welcoming. If you have a disability (or think you may have a disability) that may affect your work in this class and feel you need accommodations, contact Student Disability Services & University Testing (SDS/UT) to schedule an appointment and initiate a conversation about reasonable accommodations. To receive any academic accommodation, you must be registered with SDS/UT, which works with students and faculty to identify reasonable accommodations. SDS/ UT can be reached in Clarke Hall, suite 241, by phone at (303)458-4941, or by email at For more information or to begin an application for accommodations, please visit the SDS/UT’s website at

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