Mission Leave

Consistent with the vision of its Jesuit founders, Regis university encourages its employees to acquaint themselves with the University's mission purposes, to live out its mission of leadership in the service of others and to reflect on questions of value and meaning as well as to build community with colleagues.

Regis University is proud to offer Mission Leave to employees as an additional form of paid time off each calendar year. Employees may use Mission Leave to perform acts of service during working hours that help others in an immediately personal way that is consistent with the University mission.

Mission Leave Allotments: 

  • Full-Time (1.0 FTE): Maximum of three working days per calendar year (24 hours)
  • Part-Time (less than 1.0 FTE): Prorated based on FTE (minimum 5.0 FTE)

Types of Mission Leave:

Retreat/Reflection: includes any retreat or reflection activity sponsored, endorsed or conducted by the Vice President for Mission, the Office of University Ministry or the Society of Jesus.

Mission-Related Service Activities: includes either community service projects or programs that are sponsored by a University department or group, or an individual employee's voluntary service in connection with a legally sanctioned non-profit organization that engages in activities consistent with the University's mission.

Examples of mission leave include volunteering at a women's shelter, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity project or other community-based activities. Qualified mission-related service activities must involve acts of service that help others in an immediately personal way and that make a tangible difference in the daily struggle for justice, dignity or human rights. They may also involve acts that provide humanitarian aid or relief in situations of community crisis or human tragedy, or are directly related to service to the economically poor, the disabled, disadvantaged or socially oppressed members of society. Additionally, they may involve work with formulation of social policy to transform conditions of social oppression.

Mission Leave Approval:

The Vice President for Mission is responsible for determining whether a University-sponsored service project or program qualifies under this policy.

Individual voluntary service activities must be approved by your immediate supervisor to qualify for Mission Leave. Requests for Mission Leave should be submitted and approved in writing, and the time off should be scheduled in a manner that minimizes interruptions to departmental operations.

Mission Leave must be logged in Workday. To log time off as Mission Leave, simply select "Mission Leave" as the absence type from the dropdown menu.