Guidelines for Profile Materials

Please follow these guidelines for your profile materials:
  1. A brief biography meeting the following criteria:
    • No more than 200 words
    • Written in the third person (he, she, they)
    • Does not include any web links (such as personal website or book sales)
  2. Your curriculum vitae (CV) meeting the following criteria:
    • PDF or Word format
    • Does not include any personal contact information (such as personal phone number, home address or personal email address)
  3. Your professional headshot meeting the following criteria:
    • Image file size is 200 kilobytes (KB) or larger
    • White or grey background
    • In color (not black and white)

These materials can be submitted via the Web Request Form. View the How to Submit PDF for step-by-step submission instructions. You will receive a confirmation email after you submit the form, and the Web Team will notify you when your profile page is published.

Thank you!